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Who is this information and offer for?

  • professional hairdressers and hairdressers
  • hairdressing salons

What we believe in and what we offer?

  • branded hair products from renowned hairdressing brands
  • creativity in your work with hair colors and hair products
  • design equipment for your hairdresser or hairdressing salon
  • warranty and guarantee for all purchased products

Why to shop in the MYARTEGO.cz e-shop

  • the products we sell are appreciated by hairdressers and their customers
  • 100% functionality, safety and a beautiful target effect after application
  • professional advice, guidance and support is our guiding principle
  • you buy from experts with experience
  • our prices are set favorably with regard to quality
  • we will reward each of your purchases with a gift
  • save on postage when buying

ARTEGO professional hair cosmetics

  • colors, highlights, overflows
  • shampoos, hair care
  • hair styling
  • gels, varnishes
  • hardeners, glosses, ends

Hairdressing furniture and FOX devices

  • hairdressing furniture FOX design
  • hair dryers with ionization
  • clippers
  • curling irons
  • climazones with ionization
  • rack dryers, drying helmets
  • scissors, brushes
  • hairdressing aids and accessories

Hair brushes and combs Olivia Garden

  • nano Ceramic brushes
  • blowing brushes + ion
  • brushes with a spike for distributing strands
  • combs Carbon + ION SC1,2,3,4
  • combs Carbon + ION ST1,2,3,4
  • antistatic and lightweight combs

MYARTEGO.cz e-shop for professional hairdressers and hairdressing salons will convince you of quality products of professional hair cosmetics.
Choose from a range of hairdressing supplies, professional hair colors and Italian hair cosmetics.


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