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Become a freelance copywriter and work with ease from the other side of the planet

Do you want to work as a freelancer? Are you planning to travel the world, but are you looking for a suitable job that you could do from any part of the globe? Become a copywriter. You will come up with other ideas abroad, support the creative mind, and this will then be reflected in the texts and articles themselves. So how do you become a copywriter? What should you know?

Before you go outside the Czech Republic and explore distant places, find out to what extent you will engage in copywriting. Based on this, you decide whether to start a business or not.


You will usually find that the copywriter has a trade license, but this is not a necessity. If, for example, you are studying or working for a full-time employment relationship, it is enough for you to enter into a contract with the client, because this is your income, or you are writing texts for money.

If you are not studying and do not have a main job, because you plan to devote yourself fully to copywriting, it is certainly good to have a trade license. You will issue an invoice to the contracting authority for your work. Many companies prefer invoicing to various contracts because it is administratively easier for them.


Start with your own blog, for example about traveling. Describe your travel experiences. Complement articles with impressive and interesting photos.

This will make the blog your first reference. The learned did not fall from heaven, so keep improving your work and learning. Read the blogs of various copywriters who share their experiences in the field. If you’re not reading, get to it. You don’t necessarily have to read books, but just pay attention to billboards, advertisements, newspapers and other printed matter. It’s all copywriting.

Write articles for the blog regularly, because that’s the only way to train and develop your creativity. Feel free to contact a digital agency that needs interns for the position of copywriter. Lots of internships are paid.


But do you want to be fully independent? In this case, write a blog and pay maximum attention to it. The better your articles, the more readers you get, which you can then monetize. In addition, people like to read about traveling, especially when it comes to people’s real experiences.

Register your blog in the PlaCla system, which gives you the opportunity to earn money for it when you publish an advertiser’s article.
It is simple. You register, add your blog to the system, and then just click on the requests that would suit your blog.
You will receive money from the advertiser for the published article. The price varies from the number of visitors and the quality of the blog or magazine.

So don’t hesitate and start a business and traveling at the same time.

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