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Choose what interests you, I can recommend the Hulín resort

I’ll start at the beginning, as the title goes. Fishing with accommodation, getting married in nature, company training or a family holiday in the resorts of Hulín u Sedlčan. I can only recommend this resort, I was here for the July long weekend.

Maximum satisfaction with the services, accommodation and environment of the Hulín resorts.

The Hulín resort near Sedlčan is an ideal place for a holiday even with small children – a zoo corner, playground, slides … a relaxing stay for older couples. The “hike” takes you to the roundabout woods, you pass the Popovice brewery on the way, and the Sedlčany are a short walk.

In the Central Bohemian region you will find everything you need for your holiday or weekend stay.

Accommodation for fishermen in cabins

A great choice for a family that’s “fishing.” Fully equipped cabins will provide enough space for the whole family as well as fishing tackle. Undisturbed privacy due to the cabins being located a short distance from the main accommodation spaces, nature just outside the window.

The pool in front of the cabins will also delight, especially in the summer warm weather.

What about fishing?
Super options. 50 yards from the cabins, you’ll find the pond where I used to fish. You can catch fish from the shore, it’s neat, and just right for fishermen, or you can use the pier, which is about 10 metres into the pond.

Why catch carp on the private pond of Hull?

The sweet, sterilized corn has proven most effective, when it’s in action, buy more, it’ll come in handy. I caught the most carp, I didn’t catch less than 40 cm, my biggest is 60cm. Occasionally a good bream would work, but I couldn’t catch the amulet. I had great fishing on a straw, snapping shots as well as tackling “action” carp. I’ve seen a colleague catch an 8-foot carp, but he takes the boilies.

Fishing with accommodation in the resorts of Hulín u Sedlčan can only be recommended.

Wedding in nature in central Bohemia with everything

Are you planning a wedding and looking for a venue for a wedding ceremony, wedding reception and accommodation for wedding guests? Don’t hesitate, the Hulín resort will provide and provide everything necessary for your wedding day. Wedding ceremony by the pond, taking pictures of the newlyweds on the pier, boat or elsewhere in a beautiful setting.

Wedding reception in the restaurant or outside, possibility of providing a barbecue, great wedding reception as agreed and drinking regime provided.

On an unconventional wedding night for newlyweds in a cabin I don’t even have to write, it’s worth trying ?

A great place for company training, teambuilding in Hull

Training rooms, projectors and refreshments. What more does it take for a company event? Add to that: accommodation for those involved, catered meals, the possibility of various activities such as four-wheel drive, fishing … but most importantly, a pleasant and quiet place for a corporate event just outside Prague. All this can be found in the resort of Hulín. Having been here on a personal holiday, I know what I’m talking about.

Looking for a place for a corporate event? Don’t look anymore, make sure you get a date in time at the Hulín Resort.

Family holidays with children and experiences to remember

Do your children know what a bunny, horse, llama or peacock looks like? The zoo corner of Hulín Resort has everything you need.

A run where you can push the “little guy” and he cuddles the bunny. The Aviary with the peacock, the enclosure with the donkey, the camel is hidden in the shelter, only the buzzard that flies over the enclosure is not part of it.

Simply put, knowledge and fun in nature for the least.

You can also find children’s playgrounds, you can play mini golf for prizes, the tennis tournament is just beginning.

Don’t risk covide uncertainty and a possible ruined seaside vacation. Place your bets.

You can spend a lovely holiday in the resorts of Hulín.

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