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In the past women were ideal for the beauty and health of larger women. This indicated their financial security (or that they could afford to buy more food) and later the greater likelihood that they would be able to have a child. That changed with the arrival of model Twiggy. Her thinness became an icon, and women below her size were considered fat.

Nowadays fortunately, the trend is the so-called body positivity, where celebrities add their photos to social media even from unflattering light, and more and more plus-size models are appearing in the field of modeling. Each of us is beautiful in our own way and it is important to realize this. We don’t have to follow diets to live healthily.

Studies show that food cannot be divided into bad and good, because it is all important to our body.


I consider the ability not to be punished for every trip to be a healthy lifestyle. Just because we had pizza for dinner yesterday doesn’t mean that tomorrow we’ll put on twice the amount of exercise and eat only biscuits. No.

It is important to go the so-called golden mean. We can treat ourselves to pizza for dinner, but we just don’t eat it whole. We can hide the rest for tomorrow’s lunch.

Patience is especially important

  • you will know that you live healthy by your mood
  • your mood will suddenly improve and your body will be full of energy


It is important to follow a regular sleep pattern. It is said that an adult should sleep about seven hours a day, but everyone has something different.

You also have to drink a lot. Water largely forms your body and with a quality drinking regime you will achieve weight loss, less probability of disease and the necessary hydration.

Exercise also makes a lot in this, as it affects both your physical and mental side. Of course, you don’t have to run to the nearest gym right away, you just have to go for a small walk every day, it will definitely do its thing.

If the results don’t show up right away, don’t despair. The result of your journey is satisfaction with your body, which is definitely worth the wait.

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