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You can find the widest selection of marijuana seeds at GURUSEED.cz. They have hundreds of varieties to choose from. It will make it very easy for you to choose using their filter, where you choose marijuana according to taste, yield, resistance to mold, effect, height and other parameters. In addition, compared to competing sellers, you will find detailed descriptions under all seeds, so you don’t have to look for information anywhere else.

Auto Critical

The high yield and ease of cultivation have made this plant a must have for every grower. The effects are relaxing. It tastes like sweet citrus fruit and will grow in 60 days. Auto Critical marijuana seeds are one of the most grown today, definitely worth a try.


The Strongest and Most Profitable Marijuana Seed Bank of Buddha Seeds! You can harvest in about 75 days. The plant is characterized by strong lateral branches that are full of buds. Magnum hemp seeds are more suitable for more experienced smokers. The effect is cerebral and strongly intense.

Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf cannabis seeds were created by crossing a strong Skunk together with White Dwarf. The plant is ideal for growing indoors, as it does not branch much, yet its yields are huge! It tastes intense with exotic fruits.

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